Makeshift Memorial Created For Young Murder Victim

After learning 6-year-old Wesley Dylan Mullins was killed by blunt force trauma, his family talks to 27 NEWSFIRST.

His uncle, James Snelling, and others, say they can't understand who could do something like this to anyone, let alone a defenseless child.

The family says Wesley was an active kid, full of life, and enjoyed school at Strode Station Elementary in Winchester, where he would have been a first grader this year.

Wesley would have turned 7 in September.

The family hopes the killer will be caught, providing closure to what happened.

People who live near the crime scene in Paris have made a makeshift memorial to remember the boy. Teddy bears and candles surround a utility pole in front of the house where Mullins was found dead.

Funeral arrangements for Wesley are pending, but the service will be held at Rolan G. Taylor Funeral Home in Winchester.

A memorial fund has been set up in Wesley's name. You can make donations at any Community Trust Bank branch in Central Kentucky.

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