Militia arrests have Kentucky ties

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FBI investigators and Police in Michigan say they had information that at least nine members of a militant group called the Hutaree militia were planning to kill a police officer, and then when other officers attend the funeral they would use a weapon of mass destruction to kill many more.

Plans homeland security take very seriously, even here in Kentucky.

The Executive Director of the Kentucky Homeland Security, Tom Preston says, "They don't operate in secret as much as they think they do."

The FBI also had reason to believe several of the people indicted for conspiracy tried to go to Kentucky, to meet with someone capable of making bombs, but weather prevented the meeting.

Preston says Kentucky is common meeting place for illegal activity, "Individuals from elsewhere will come through, pass through or even stop in Kentucky on business that is not very savory."

He also says there are less than a dozen militias operating in Kentucky, "There are some militias who are very antisocial. They want to overthrow the government, normally small in numbers except in certain areas."

Preston says those type of militias are in the minority. "There are a lot of militia members that are benign. They put on their camouflage, go out on weekends, and play war games in the woods, which is perfectly fine."

Compared to other parts of the nation, Kentucky's militia activity is quite low, but says it's no reason to let your guard down. He says no one can prevent terrorist activity 100 percent of the time.

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