March to 'Take Back the Night'

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Hundreds of people from area colleges, high schools, and other community members marched in Lexington to 'take back the night' on Wedneday.

Their mission was to raise awareness of sexual and domestic violence.

"Violence needs to end, and domestic violence against women is just horrible," said Kristy Russell.

Russel and other friends and family of Amanda Ross - who was murdered last fall - marched in her honor.

"We lost a great friend and daughter and everybody is angry and sad over it," said Russell, "and we need to do things like this and we'll continue to do things like this."

Hundreds of people like the Ross family gathered at the courthouse square for the same cause.

Victims had the opportunity to share their stories of pain and hope.

"The biggest message is we want our voice to be heard," said event organizer Sally Evans, with Violence Intervention and Prevention at UK.

Local agencies were on hand to provide ways of fighting back against violence.

The most important point of the evening?

"We are not going to be silent, we're going to bravely proclaim that we have the right to be free of violence and fear here in lexington," said Evans.

It's a message they hope will empower others.

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