DUI arrest uncovers trunk full of cash

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It's an odd place to keep $83,000... inside a garbage bag in the trunk of a car, but sheriff's deputies tell 27 Newsfirst, they found all that money, when they made an arrest in Laurel County.

Deputies arrested Kenneth Siler -- after they say he had passed out in his car near his home with two young children in the car.

Neighbors tell 27 Newsfirst it's common to see Siler parked at the edge of his driveway waiting for the school bus.

Deputy Jason Back with the Laurel County Sheriff's Department says the children of Siler's fiancée weren't expecting what they found waiting for them Tuesday afternoon. "They said when they got off the school bus that he was sitting there, and he was asleep, and they couldn't get him to wake up," Back said.

Police received a call that Siler was passed out with children in the car. An ambulance was the first to get there. "He attempted to leave when they got there and he realized what was going on. He tried to drive away, and they removed the keys from the vehicle to prevent him from pulling out in traffic and actually hitting their ambulance," Back said.

Deputies say Siler gave them permission to search the car, and when they opened the trunk, they found a trash bag filled with $83,000 in cash. "I've seized a little bit of money, but that's the most I've ever held, the most I've ever seized for sure," Back told 27 Newsfirst.

As for the children, they had already walked home when deputies got there. "I think they got a little scared when the ambulance started showing up and everybody started stopping because the ambulance made it there before we did," Back said.

But once the children reached their mother, the problems didn't end. "Social services removed them yesterday due to the fact that she had been drinkingiler is charged with d-u-i... disorderly conduct.. and two counts of endangering the welfare of a minor.
because it's an ongoing investigation, the sheriff's department won't say what reason... if any... ken siler gave for having that much money in his trunk. with him also, and they didn't have a sober caregiver for the children when they returned home from school," Back said.

Siler is charged with DUI, Disorderly Conduct, and two counts of Endangering the Welfare of a Minor. Because it's an ongoing investigation, the sheriff's department won't say what reason, if any, Ken Siler gave for having that much money in his trunk.

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