New hospital to be built in Clark County

A new state of the art hospital is coming to Central Kentucky.

The board of directors of Clark Regional Medical Center announced today Tennessee-based Lifepoint Hospitals will buy the Winchester facility and build a new hospital to replace it.

Gabriel Roxas takes a look at what the new medical center will mean for the community.

The 100-bed community hospital has served East Central Kentucky since 1917, and now it's set for a major makeover.

From the outside, the look and feel of the new medical center may not seem strikingly different from the current facility, but Clark Regional CEO Bob Fraraccio says inside patients will see dramatic improvements.

"All private rooms, more easy flow for the patients, and it will be just a great addition for the community for our patients."

Bill Carpenter is the CEO of the company buying Clark Regional.

He says Winchester is like many of the places where LifePoint operates.

"Our company mission is being involved in small towns. 38 and then providing state-of-the-art health care for people who live in those towns."

Carpenter promises patients at the new hospital will see an increased level of care.

LifePoint will invest around $60 million to build the new hospital.

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