Loved ones speak out about discovery of missing man

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Family members and friends are reacting after learning a body found mysteriously along Interstate 75 was a man they knew and loved.

The coroner has identified the man as 70-year-old William Burberry.

Workers clearing debris along the interstate found his body near mile marker 99, just north of the Clay's Ferry Bridge, but how he got there and how he died are still part of an investigation.

William Burberry's sister, Betty White had been looking for him since last Thursday. "Oh yes, I've been so upset all week," White told 27 Newsfirst.

Family and friends say Burberry had just bought this new Camaro, and he had been trying to get the new license plates all month. The process became so frustrating last week that he threw down his keys in anger and took off walking from home.

"He had purchased the car," Burberry's niece, Pam Freundorfer said, "and I guess they had told him to come back and look for his plates or pick up his plates, and he went and they didn't have them, and I guess that set him off."

White says her brother had a history of psychological problems. "It's depression I guess. He doesn't take any medicine like that. He needs it," White said.

Maxine Dupree knew Burberry for ten years. "I loved Bill," Dupree said, "He was odd sometimes, you know, but he's a good fellow."

She and White have feared the worst these past few days. "We'd been looking for him, and she even put a blanket in the car in case he came back," Dupree told 27 Newsfirst.

William Burberry lived alone here at his apartment in Tates Creek, which is why friends were surprised when they learned he was found so far from home. Road workers found Burberry's body behind a concrete barrier near I-75, about 9 miles from his home. "I guess he just laid there and starved. I don't know. It's sad," White said.

The Fayette County coroner says there were no signs of trauma or a struggle where the body was found. An autopsy is scheduled to determine the cause of death.

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