Investigators hope autopsy holds clues as to what happened to man found dead along interstate

Investigators soon hope to learn more about the death of a Lexington man, who's body was found near an interstate overpass.

State workers found the body of 70-year-old William Burberry Thursday, near the Clays Ferry exit of I-75.

An physical autopsy was completed Friday, but investigators say more tests are needed.

Friends and family members say Burberry left his house in a fury last week, and they hadn't seen him since.

His body was found nine miles from his home.

Family members say Burberry was frustrated because the license plates for his new Camaro weren't ready, and he threw the keys down and walked away.

No one knows why Burberry ended up so far away.

The Fayette County Coroner says there were no signs of trauma or a struggle where the body was found.

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