Crying baby alerts family to house fire

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A family says they may not have escaped their burning home, if not for a crying baby and someone passing by.

The fire destroyed the family's home, just south of Hyden in Leslie County, early Friday morning.

Police say a drunk neighbor intentionally started the fire.

"It's just something that you never really think about ever happening to you," Daisy Lowe, who lives at the home, said.

Kelley Wooton lived there too. She had just brought home her 10-day-old baby girl, Arizona.

"I was pretty scared this morning," Wooton said. "All that kept running through my head was what if we can't get her out, what if we lose her, what if we all get killed right here?"

It was the baby's cries that woke the family up.

Then, Leslie County Sheriff's Deputy Kevin Short saw the flames as he was driving by. He helped the family escape.

Wooton says it is painful looking at what they lost.

"It breaks my heart every time I walk over there. I start crying, because I see everything I had was destroyed. But I'm just happy that all of us are safe."

Dwight Davidson, the baby's father, says he feels stronger now.

"If we can get through a fire together, we can get through what's after, and it might be hard, but we can do it."

Police arrested Randall Coots after the fire.

He's charged with wanton endangerment, arson, disorderly conduct, and public intoxication.

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