Former Astronaut Lands in Eastern Kentucky

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Some kids in Eastern Kentucky got a chance to meet an astronaut Saturday.

We talked to Dr. Parazynski about the message he was trying to send.

Dr. Scott Parazynski has done it all. Climbed Mount Everest, Been in Space and among other things.

He talked to around 100 kids on Saturday at the Challenger Learning Center in Hazard.

“You can see the fire in their eyes and the fact they've been dreaming about space as well and space has always been a huge motivator for kids as it was for me,” Dr. Parazynski says.

The Director of the Challenger Learning Center says having Parazynski speak to these kids is something they will remember.

“Those are the kind of people we want to bring in to be an inspiration to our young people here in Eastern Kentucky,” Tom Cravens says.

“Having someone like Scott come here to see the achievements he's made in his life, we think will be a great inspiration for the young people here,” Cravens says.

Dr. Parazynski has flown in space five times and conducted seven spacewalks. He says it's important to tell his story these kids here today to let them know that hard work does pay off

“Nothing really wonderful in life happens as a gift you have to work for it and if you do work hard for it, the rewards are astronomical,” Parazynski says.

And Doctor Parazynski says he will never forget flying in space, but more importantly, he will remember touching kid’s lives throughout Eastern Kentucky.