Wild police chase damages farm

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Police in one Central Kentucky town spent Saturday night chasing after a truck with a trailer.

It started when the Burgin police chief tried to stop a truck on Bailey Pike, near Burgin, in Mercer County.

Chief James Caldwell first saw the suspicious vehicle pulling out of the Anderson Circle Farm, away from an un-occupied home.

"He was coming out of the farm at 9 o'clock at night with a trailer full of property," said Caldwell.

When he attempted to pull over the Toyota Tundra and trailer, the driver sped off down another farm road, and then did something unexpected.

The suspected burglar crashed through a fence and sped off through a field, losing part of the stolen goods as he went.

The pursuit continued through several more fields, crashing through seven more fences, and causing thousands of dollars of damage.

"You don't know what's going through their head, " said Caldwell, "Why they're running - and when a guy does something like this and comes crashing through fences, you got to wonder what his motivation is."

Police say the driver eventually came back out to U-S 68 headed east and managed to get away.

Now authorities hope the public can help track him down.

Police are looking for an older-model Toyota Tundra, black or blue with front-end damage, and hauling a trailer carrying a stolen four-wheeler and other appliances.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Burgin Police Department.

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