Nunn found competent to stand trial

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It was news family and friends of Amanda Ross have been waiting to hear. Whether or not former lawmaker Steve Nunn is competent enough to stand trial. Nunn is accused of killing ex-fiance Amanda Ross outside her Lexington townhome last September.

Steve Nunn did not appear in the courtroom today after waiving his right to be present.

Inside the courtroom were friends and family of 29-year-old Amanda Ross, waiting to hear to results of a mental evaluation that Nunn underwent at the Kentucky Correctional Psychiatric Complex.

Psychiatrist Amy Trivette testified by phone that Nunn was competent to stand trial.

"Mr. Nunn does have the capacity to appreciate the nature and consequences of the proceedings against him and that he does have an ability to participate rationally in his own defense", Amy Trivette said.

The judge then ruled that Nunn can stand trial in this case.

"The court believes that the defendant has a rational as well as a factional understanding of the proceedings and the court therefore finds that Mr. Nunn is in fact competent to stand trial", says Judge Pamela Goodwine.

Attorneys could be back in court as early as April 16th to file more motions in this case as it continues to move forward.

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