Forestry officials say conditions just right for fires

More than 150 fires each year burn 7,000 acres of the Daniel Boone National Forest.

And right now U.S. Forestry officials are keeping a close eye on Kentucky’s wooded areas.

“You’ve got a lot of leaf litter on the ground. A lot of fire fuels that can really carry the fire,” says U.S. Forest District Ranger Tim Reed. He says low humidity, warm days, and little rain could spell a recipe for disaster.

“And this time of year, you can have a rain shower go through one day, within 24 hours, the humidity drops, wind picks up, and you’re right back into the burning conditions again,” Reed said Monday from the Stearns office of the U.S. Forest Service in McCreary County.

He says most fires are caused by careless campers…or arsonists. .

“It’s typically people doing it for kicks, they don’t know the impacts they are having. It’s very serious activity,” he said.

And that’s why there is an easy to remember hotline, 1-800-27-ARSON, to call if you see someone starting a forest fire. It’s a call that could land you a $1,000 reward.