Retired couple robbed at gunpoint during home invasion

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A woman answered a knock at the door and ended up becoming a crime victim.

Police say she, along with her husband, were robbed by a woman and three men, during a home invasion on Irvine View Street in Richmond early Monday morning.

The woman told police she got a knock on her door just before five a.m.

She thought it was a relative, but when she opened the door, a young woman was there, claiming she ran out of gas and needed to call for help.

When the victim turned away to get her phone, Richmond Police say three men, all wearing masks, forced their way in. One of the men was armed with a handgun.

Police say the couple was forced into the bathroom, while the suspects searched the home.

Police say they ended up stealing money, debit cards, and jewelry, before running off.

"It's very troubling someone would attack a retired couple in the middle of the night," neighbor Madeline Monday said.

Dunn's Auto Body Shop nearby caught the vehicle and the suspects on surveillance. Employees there are hopeful that it can assist police with catching those responsible.

Police have released descriptions of the three men they say were involved in this home invasion.

The first suspect is a white man in his late 20's or older, who has very short hair and an average build. He's said to be around 5'8".

The second suspect is a black man in his 20's, with short hair and a thin build. He's said to be around 5'10".

The third suspect is a Hispanic or bi-racial man with long black hair. He's said to be around 5'10".

Anyone with information about this home invasion is asked to call Richmond Police at 859-623-8911 or 859-623-1162.

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