Tickets being picked up for Coach Cal Maker's Mark bottle signing

For the people who managed to get tickets, this is just another in a series of lines. First they had to line up to get the bottles, now they have to drive through another line at Keeneland to get the tickets and they'll be back out here in line to get these bottles signed. They all say it's worth the wait.

Just getting the chance for tickets took some luck. "You had to be quick on the computer. I tried on two different computers. I got one but the other one was too slow," said Michael Ciecorka.

The change in the signing process has led to today's tickets becoming as valuable as the bottle themselves.

"I've seen em on eBay for three or four hundred dollars, but I'm not going to sell em," said bottle collector Shirley Alonzo. He usually camps out three days ahead of time to get his bottle signed.

Ticket holders have to be back at Keeneland before 7 a.m. Friday for the signing. Keeneland is allowing ticket holders to camp out under the grandstand after the races have finished on Thursday.

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