Police: Three used fire at shopping center to steal

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The side of a Lexington mall is badly burned and police believe three people used the distraction to steal from a grocery store.

They say the fire started in the mulch and then spread to the side of the building.

No damage was done to the inside, where Disc Jockey used to be.

Police say 39-year old David Holloway, 33-year old Michelle Wheeler and 33-year old Jason Johnson rushed into the Whole Foods market saying there was a fire outside.

While most people rushed out of the store, police say the trio went in and began stealing items, even going into the backroom and going through employees personal belongings.

Witnesses say the three left the store with the items and attempted to get into an older model Cadillac parked out front. However, witnesses say the car had run out of gas and Johnson began asking for help pushing the car to a nearby Shell station.

Police arrived and located the car at the Shell station, questioned the three and eventually arrested them.

Investigators say earlier in the day Holloway stole items by reaching into the windows of cars as they were getting gas at a Speedway. Then, they headed to Kroger where they stole DVD's.

Their ride ended when police say they ran out of gas stealing again.

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