Authorities preparing to enforce texting ban legislation

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It looks like the days of sending text messages from behind the wheel are numbered in Kentucky. A bill which would ban that is now waiting for the Governor's signature. Now authorities are preparing to enforce the legislation.

When you're out driving on the roads, it's not hard to spot someone texting and driving, but legislation that is expected to be signed into law will soon put a stop to that.

"It's a good step for us as far as helping to make roadways safer in Kentucky. That's really the goal that everybody's after", says Lt. David Jude with Kentucky State Police.

For those caught texting and driving they will face a find of $25 for the first offense, and $50 for the second plus court costs. For officers they say it's not too difficult to spot those not paying attention behind the wheel.

"A lot of times those drivers show the same characteristics as an intoxicated driver, at least as far as your driving behavior so picking out the car that may be using the cell phone inappropriately may not be as difficult. Proving they were texting could present problems for us and that's just part of what the investigating officers will have to prove that they were texting and if so write a citation", says Lt. David Jude.

Either way they say it's a step to making the roads safer.

"This is a great step for us that can hopefully put drivers attention where it needs to be and that's on the roadways and if that makes our roadways safer then we're that much better off", says Lt. Jude.

Authorities say once this is signed into law, they will give courtesy warnings until January 1st. After that those caught texting and driving will be fined.

This law would also ban new drivers from using cell phones behind the wheel for the first six months after receiving a drivers permit.

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