Fast moving forest fire headed for multiple homes

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Firefighters will likely be battling a forest fire for days. The fire already destroyed several buildings in Menifee County.

The fire broke out around 3:30 Tuesday afternoon near a home near Highway 460.

Firefighters are not sure if an abandoned double wide trailer started on fire or if the fire started on the forest floor and spread to the trailer, saying they were more concerned with stopping the spread of the fire.

The fire quickly spread, and firefighters are having a tough time getting it under control because of the stiff winds and rough terrain.

So far, the fire has destroyed two mobile homes and several barns. All of the buildings were vacant, and no one has been injured.

At times flare ups of the fire came dangerously close to Helen Cooper and her family's home. She says her daughter looked out her back window and saw flames creeping down the hillside about 50 to 100 yards away.

Some of the family took turns bringing buckets of water to the flames trying to safe the house while firefighters parked a full tanker with water in their drive to help them.

Firefighter were digging trenches to stop the fire's movement, but they say as long as the winds are strong, they'll have a hard time containing the fire.

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