Five killed, including four children, in house fire

It's a difficult loss for a small community.

Five people, including four children, were killed after their home went up in flames.

The fire broke out early Wednesday morning at a mobile home in rural Metcalfe County.

Several other people inside the home were injured.

14 members of one family lived in the home.

Junior and Johnitta Garmon lived there, along with their children, grandchildren, and other relatives.

When the fire broke out, Junior and Johnitta Garmon were able to get out, but according to family members, 24-year-old Melanie Harper and her sister, 12-year-old Vallissa Perry, died.

Family members also say the fire took the lives of Junior and Johnitta's grandchildren, 1-year-old Mason Posey, 2-year-old Chase Posey, and 3-year-old Jaclyn Posey.

"They were sweet loving children, " said family member Pitsy Thompson, "the father is taking it real hard that they have passed, and the mother does know - but they have her so sedated."

Bonnie Posey, the mother of the three youngest children who were killed, reportedly has burns over 60 percent of her body and is in critical condition at University of Louisville Hospital.

The fire sent a total of nine other people to two different hospitals.

Bonnie's husband, Josh, is being called a hero because he helped save Bonnie's life, as well as the life of a child.

North Metcalfe Elementary School had grief counselors on hand Wednesday for students and faculty. Valissa Garmon had been a 4th grader at the school.

Students made cards showing their grief and support for the family.

"They just wanted to know what they could do to help," said Principal Angela Welsh, "they asked, 'can we bring in clothes, can we bring in toys.'"

Donations for the family can be dropped off at the school.

Kentucky State Police say it could be a while before investigators determine what caused the fire.

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