Firefighters battle forest fires inching toward homes

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Crews across the state are battling wildfires, trying to stop the flames before they cause more destruction.

Firefighters in the Kentucky River District, which includes the Estill County area have been working nearly 30 fires since Tuesday.

People living near those areas are keeping a close eye on the situation, hoping firefighters can put the flames out before they reach their homes.

Lois Crowe is watching a forest fire burning in Estill County, less than a mile from where her mother's house sits now.

"I'm keeping a close eye on it, to see if it's getting close," says Crowe.

Crowe isn't alone, as she joins other homeowners in Estill County. George Brock watches the flames inch closer to his property.

"I just don't want to leave it right now," says Brock.

With a propane tank in his yard, Brock is fearful of potential damages, but he's prepared to protect his property, using any tool he can.

While most of the fires average 14 acres, the one along Highwaty 594 is burning some 400 acres.

"You feel helpless watching it move on down and you can't do anything to stop it," says Crowe.

Firefighters hope to have all of fire contained by the end of Wednesday.

As of Wednesday evening, the Kentucky River District forester says 17 fires are controlled, and firefighters are working to control seven others.

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