Somerset Agency that Helps The Hungry Needs Help Itself

More than 20-thousand people received a helping hand in time of financial crisis or some kind of trouble last year.

They were able to feed their families when possibly they felt all hope was gone.

“Because when people are in need they're always there with a helping hand,” says one God’s Pantry customer.

But now God's Food Pantry finds itself in its own crisis. Its building along with its neighbors could be torn down to make room for a new $22 million judicial center. Donations operate the pantry and a board member provides the rent. That could change with a move.

“For us to go somewhere else and assume 6 to 8,000 square feet, the rent will be a major burden on us,” says God’s Food Pantry Executive Director Debbie Long.

County officials say no decision has been made to acquire the buildings on the town square but the judge executive says if they choose the location they could break ground before winter which means the pantry could be forced to move during its busiest time of the year, the Holiday season.

So with the clock ticking fund drives are being scheduled, a big one is set for September 8.

Food pantry workers hope to raise about $70,000 for the move.

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