New Interstate Signs Tell Drivers To "Move It"

Drivers may soon see something new along the interstate, signs telling then to move it. The signs are part of new legislation passed in this recent general assembly to keep our highways safe.

The new law allows you to move over to the shoulder provided no one is injured in the event of an accident.

The main reason for the new law is the risk of secondary accidents as a result of traffic tie ups.

Nationwide accident caused by original accidents account for nearly 20% every year.

But many insurance companies say stay put and call police instead.
If the people involved in the accident are not injured, officials say you must drive the car over to the shoulder. Then call police and they'll come reconstruct what happened and take care of the rest.

The legislation has actually been in effect since July 1st and soon you'll be seeing the "move it" signs on interstates and parkways throughout the commonwealth.

The signs will go up in Louisville Wednesday and will probably take 3 or 4 weeks before you see them in the Lexington area.

The signs will be along interstates and parkways, most notably at the county lines and the northern and southern split of I-75 and I-64.

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