Kentucky Power Companies Set New Power Records

Air conditioners are running at full speed, with people trying to keep cool. That has power companies in Kentucky generating record amounts of electricity. Kentucky Utilities is even close to capacity.

Officials at Kentucky Utilities are expressing concern, saying a blackout is not out of the realm of possibility

Air conditioners across the Bluegrass are working extra hard to keep things cool. With temperatures climbing to well above 90 degrees, and the breeze offering little relief, it's likely these machines will stay on.

KU Officials say that they have prepared for this heat, and are keeping their eye on their generators every hour.

Yesterday, KU customers used a record setting 7,011 megawatts of electricity, up from a 6,900 megawatt record from last year. Company officials say that this new record is getting a little too close for comfort to the 7,200 megawatt capacity the network has.

We're told in order for a blackout to occur, several transformers would have to blow out at the same time.

Officials with KU also say that if we get any higher with the usage , they will start buying electricity from other electric companies in order to make up for any over usage that we have here.

Officials at East Kentucky Power say they also set a record Monday, but fully expect it to be broken, and a new record set either today or tomorrow.

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