Man indicted for missing woman's murder

A grand jury has indicted a man for murder even though authorities haven't identified the victim.

Authorities in Montgomery County presented evidence today against Bass Webb in the disappearance of Sabrina Vaughn in 2003.

A body found in Powell County earlier this year is thought to be that of Sabrina Vaughn, but DNA results proving it's her still haven't returned from the lab.

Even though Webb is in jail right now, Montgomery County Sheriff Fred Shortridge says he didn't want to wait on DNA evidence before moving forward.

"With the evidence we have, I feel strongly, we have a good case," says Shortridge.

Bass Webb is the one and only suspect since the body was found. He's made news many times for allegedly beheading Bryia Runiewicz in Harrison County, allegedly running down two Bourbon County jail employees and then spitting in a judge's face.

Shortridge says even with today's indictment, this case is far from over.

"No, it's not over in a case like this. It's just beginning. If something develops and we need to add to that case then that's what we'll do," Shortridge says.

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