Woman visiting deer forest ends up behind bars

A 69-year-old woman visiting a Kentucky deer forest ends up behind bars.

She says she wanted to make sure the deer at Bernheim Forest in Bullitt County were being properly cared for. Officials tell as different story.

Elaine Matthews visited the animals at the forest as often as three times day for the past few months . She filed a lawsuit against the forest on March 1 claiming the deer weren't getting proper nutrition. She also fired a complaint with the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

During a visit on March 31, Matthew became concerned one of the deer needed medical care. When she asked to use someone's cell phone there was an argument, which eventually led to her arrest.

She claims the arrest is retaliation over the lawsuit.

A spokeswoman for the forest isn't saying much because legal action is still pending, but says the forest is in compliance with the U.S.D.A.

Matthews, who has multiple personality disorder, has no plans on ending her crusade for the deer. She has been banned from the visiting Bernheim Forest.

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