Trip to Haiti ends happily for Lexington man

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Lexington businessman Warren Rogers was losing hope. Weeks after a devastating earthquake struck Haiti, he hadn't heard from a child he and his wife had sponsored for years. They had corresponded with the 11-year-old through an organization called Compassion International. Rogers had not heard if the child, Fednerson, had survived the earthquake that had killed so many Haitians.

His curiosity led him to finally make the trip to Haiti himself. Rogers took a friend with him and the two arrived in Port Au Prince on February 27th. They had a primitive plan in place to get to the city the boy was from and hoped that if they showed the locals his picture, someone could give them the information they were looking for.

Rogers journey took a miraculous turn not long after he touched down in Haiti. A missions group from Iowa spotted Rogers and his friend at the airport and inquired about their purpose in Haiti. When Rogers explained, the group offered a ride to the city Rogers needed to go to in his search for Fednerson. Turns out, the group had a medical mission set up in the same town.

Once he arrived in the town, Rogers showed Fednerson's picture to the first Haitian he saw. The man informed Rogers that he had seen Fednerson and that he was in fact alive. Within hours, the two finally met.

Rogers had never met Fednerson face-to-face but has sponsored him since he was a baby. Fortunately, no one in Fednerson's family perished in the earthquake.

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