Church Youth Group Leader Arrested

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A church youth group leader in Floyd County is accused of inappropriate behavior with a young girl.

State Police say 26 year old David Kyle Robinson was using the internet to solicit sex from a 15 year old girl he knew from church. Investigators say they had enough evidence to arrest him.

State police say Prestonsburg Highland Avenue Freewill Baptist Church Youth Leader Kyle Robinson was using the internet to solicit more than just teenage church attendance. Officers say the 26 year old was sending inappropriate messages on MySpace and MSN Messenger to a 15 year old girl he knew from church. Investigators say her parents discovered them and turned him in.

"We had a lot of information when we went into this immediately from the family. We followed that information throughout," said Kentucky State Police Trooper Scott Hopkins.

Troopers seized his computers at home and work. Police say they found messages soliciting sex. Officers sent the computers to the internet crime lab in Frankfort.

"To be examined for any information that may prove to be evidence, the fact that he had inappropriate conversations with the 15 year old female," Hopkins said.

Robinson pleaded not guilty to the charges and is out of jail on bond. Some church members told WYMT they were shocked by the allegations, but none wanted to comment on camera.

Police say there is no evidence Robinson ever had sex with the 15 year old and she appears to be the only alleged victim, but they are still investigating.

"We will continue to search and observe all of this evidence to see if it leads to any other victims or charges," Hopkins said.

Robinson's attorney would only tell us his client is innocent. The court records are sealed, but a preliminary hearing is scheduled for Monday.