Lexington home invasion leads to four arrests

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"I thought they was going to kill us all last night," the victim of a home invasion said.

The Lexington woman who lives on E. Louden Avenue is still in shock over being robbed at gunpoint.

"The one in the grey stuck a gun to my son and pushed him back through the door," the woman said, who did not wish to give her name.

She says around 8 p.m. Friday, 3 men she had never seen before came to her door and asked her adult son if he could help fix their car.

She says that's when one pulled out a gun and they forced their way into the home, demanding cash and prescription medication.

"They kept saying they were going to kill us," she said.

She says at one point, one of the men put a gun to her sons head and pulled the trigger - but the gun didn't go off.

"I just kept telling them he had a son," she said, "If they had to shoot somebody shoot me not my son."

The men took her cash and prescription medication and left in a car parked outside.

Police tracked the car down and pulled them over not far from the house.

Four people were arrested for 1st degree robbery and tampering with physical evidence, including 20 year-old Demarkco Ross, and 20 year-old Stephanie Hedges.

The other two were juveniles.

Neighbors like Margaret Williams are concerned about recent crime like this on their street.

"It's been getting pretty bad around here," said Williams, "I had to install cameras on my home."

She says she and others will be keeping a closer eye on what's happening in their area.

"I hope they go to jail and know not to come back to this neighborhood," Williams said, "because we will be watching."

Police are still searching for a fifth suspect in the robbery. Anyone with information is asked to call Lexington Police Department.

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