Burn ban in effect in Laurel County

The burn ban in Laurel County was recommended by forestry officials and it means you can’t burn anything outdoors..any time of the day.

“And of course we’ve not had that much rain in the last couple of days,” says London Fire Captain Tony Brown.

Dry weather means prime conditions for things to get out of hand...and people like Brown to be busier than he’d like.

“It’s surprising how quick these things can start. Once they get out of hand, there’s no telling how much property they can destroy,” he said of potential wildfires.

Luckily there hasn’t been much destruction in Laurel County this spring fire season as of yet.

“With a few grass fires, mulch fires, things of that nature. Out in the county, they’ve had bigger ones, ground fires, leaf and wood fires,” Brown said.

The weather is warmer and drier than it usually is this time of year and if people get just the slight bit careless, it could create major problems.

“People think they have fires out. They don’t put them out (completely). The wind picks up, it blows across fields, it catches other things on fire really quick,” he said.

Officials say the burn ban will be in effect until there is significant rainfall.

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