One year later: Questions still remain in death of Woodford County woman

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It was an extensive search by foot, helicopter and by boat looking for Patricia Last.

"For any victim you want to make every effort that you can for the family, for everybody else. You want to go the extra mile and we most certainly did. We used every available resource", says Officer Pat Melton.

The Woodford county woman went missing from her farm in October of 2008. During that time, her family held out hope she was alive.

After more than five months searching for Patricia Last, her body was found here along Lillard Ferry Road, wrapped in a tarp. It's now been more than a year since that discovery and the son of Patricia Last says he just wants answers, and closure.

"My own personal life has been affected tremendously and it is a day to day event that I think about my mother",says Shad Medlin.

Shad Medlin, one of the sons of Patricia Last, says he, his brother, and step-father have remained in contact with police for the last year hoping for some type of update.

"We do want answers. We do want to have those that are responsible to be held responsible", says Shad Medlin.

However authorities say they continue to wait for test results from items sent off that could possibly lead to new information in the case.

"It's all about quality and that's where it gets hairy because you don't want to rush and make a mistake", says Officer Pat Melton with Versailles Police.

In the meantime Medlin is just hoping for an update soon on what it was that killed his mom and whose responsible for her death.

"If there is anybody with knowledge of this heinous crime that they come forward", says Shad Medlin.

Police have never named a suspect in this case, only a person of interest. That person of interest was Richard Kincaid, a former employee of Patricia Last. Police arrested Kincaid last year for stealing items from Last's farm. Kincaid was previously lodged in the Boyle County jail. He was transferred to the Scott County jail Monday afternoon.

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