Floyd County murder suicide

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A murder-suicide leaves two people dead in Floyd County.

It all happened at a beauty shop just before six Monday night in the Jacks Creek Community on Route 1498.

Officials say David Slone shot at his former wife Tonja Slone several times as she was leaving and killed her.

Police chased him down and troopers say Slone then turned the gun on himself.

Witnesses say Tonja Slone had just finished getting her hair done at Terri's Beauty Shop but never made it out of the parking lot.

Michelle Girodat was across the street. She says she saw Dave Slone pull into the beauty shop parking lot.

"We heard several fires, gunfire, just pow, pow, pow, pow, just straight in a row." Girodat said.

Police say Dave Slone fired more than a dozen shots at Tonja Slone, who was in her mini-van and then say he ran out of ammunition.

"After emptying the weapon, he went to another location, got another one, returned and continued to fire at her." Trooper Mike Goble, from the state police post in Pikeville said.

Police say the beautician tried to help.

"It's our understanding she was trying to talk to him, to get him to stop shooting at her, and he refused. It's evident without a doubt he intended for her to die." Goble said.

Girodat says Dave Slone drove away after firing the second time. Troopers found him a quarter of a mile down the road.

"I went over to check her for a pulse and there was nothing. she was already dead at that time." Girodat said.

Police do not have a motive yet, but friends say the Slones argued for weeks before the shooting.

Now the small community is mourning the losses.

Family members tell us Tonja Slone leaves behind three children.

Funeral arrangements are pending.

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