Search for armed robbers underway on U.K. campus

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University of Kentucky Police are searching for three men wanted for an armed robbery late Monday night on campus.

Two students tell police they were inside a car on Cooperstown Drive, near Oldham Court, when two men with guns approached both sides of the car.

The robbers then jumped into the back seat of the car as a third man came toward the car.

The students got out of the vehicle as the three robbers stole their belongings, according to police.

A laptop computer, a cell phone and other belongings were stolen.

After the robbers fled the scene, the students got back into the car and drove to the U.K. Police Department to report the incident.

"It is pretty brave," explained UK Police Chief Joe Monroe. "It is something we are not going to tolerate. Luckily, nobody got hurt and we are looking into all leads."

Crime Alert posters have been plastered all over campus, but most students say they found out through the UK Alert system; making automated phone calls and sending emails.

"Kind of Scary hearing about an armed robbery around campus," explained UK Student Emily Ludwig.

"There is no need for armed robberies," said UK Student Sam Roberts. "It is a serious offense. They're gonna do some hard time."

Police have taken finger prints from the vehicle to try to identify the robbers.

U.K. officials have issued a crime bulletin, alerting students, faculty and staff to the incident.

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