Bryan Station High School Parking Lot Complete

There’s a pleasant surprise waiting for staff and students at Bryan Station High School on Monday! Although a new parking lot to accompany the brand new $43.9 million Bryan Station High School was not scheduled for completion until September, contractors worked furiously to have it finished for the first day of school on August 13.

The new high school opened in January of 2007. Work on the parking lot could not begin until the old high school building was demolished and staff and students relied upon street parking. With the opening of the new lots, there are more than 700 parking spaces now available for staff, students and visitors.

Superintendent Stu Silberman had high praise for the contractor for finishing more than a month ahead of schedule.

“Everyone involved in this project has worked above and beyond to provide the very best for the Bryan Station High School community,” Silberman said. “The new building is beautiful and as we complete each phase of work, the opportunities for our kids continue to expand.”

To enter the school, staff, students and parents should approach the campus from Winston Avenue.

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