Father accused of murdering 3-month-old daughter

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A three-month old, Madison County girl is dead, and her father is charged with her murder.

The baby died at UK Hospital, and her father, Paul Farthing, Jr., is now at the Madison County Detention Center. 27 NEWSFIRST talked to family members who say this is a tragedy and a terrible accident but not murder.

Rylee Jean Campbell turned 3 months old last week. Since then her grandfather, Paul Farthing, Sr. has had some of the worst days of his life. Now the son who bares his name sits in a jail cell accused of murdering Rylee. "Paul has assured me with every drop of life in him, Daddy, you know I wouldn't hurt my child. You know that. He said what happened was an accident. I said, why didn't you just tell that up front when all this went bad. He said, I was scared. I was scared to death," Paul, Sr. told 27 NEWSFIRST.

Paul, Sr. says his son was giving Rylee a bath when she slipped out of her father's hands. "She did get choked. Evidently she went down in the water, and she got water in her mouth, when Paul picked her up, he evidently panicked thinking she was choked, and he shook her a little bit. He said he didn't realize he shook her that hard," he said.

A retired sheriff's deputy, Paul, Sr. says he understands that state police have to investigate a suspicious death, but he's convinced his son didn't mean to hurt Rylee. "I know Paul," he said, "and I'd be the first to say if he's wrong, he's wrong. If there was criminal intent involved, and I thought Paul was really doing something to hurt that child, I'd be the first to say put him in jail."

And for now, that's where Paul Farthing, Jr. waits. "It's a sad thing," Paul, Sr. said, "I lose either way. I lost a grandbaby, and now I've got a son sitting down here in jail, and I'm just praying to God that things works out to where the whole truth and nothing but the truth is told."

Paul Farthing, Sr. tells us his son had agreed to take a polygraph test when he learned Rylee had died. He says his son admitted to state police that he shook the baby, but insisted that he didn't mean to hurt her.

Kentucky State Police tell 27 Newsfirst the investigation into this case continues.

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