Deadly Train vs. Truck Accident Investigation Continues

People who live around train tracks in northern Pulaski County are used to tracks with no cross bars and lights. But many of them are questioning whether the lack of safety signals was a factor in the accident that killed Shawn Paul Denney.

“I think he pulled up on those tracks and maybe was reading directions, was on a cell phone trying to get directions, something of that nature,” says Coroner Richard New.

New says Denney, a delivery driver from Lexington, wasn't familiar with Eubank and possibly didn't realize the danger he was in. Denney was looking for Ben Golden's house to deliver a washer and dryer when he stopped on the tracks. Moments later, Golden says a neighbor called him with the horrifying news.

“She said he turned around in her driveway and started to cross the tracks and was hit by the train,” says Golden.

Golden believes cross bars and lights could have saved Denney’s life.

State officials say it will cost more than $200,000 to add lights and or cross bars and right now, they say the crossing doesn't carry enough vehicles to warrant that.

The crossing is no stranger to accidents. Federal Railroad Administration records show a man was hurt seven years ago when a train hit a truck.

Golden says the crossing poses visibility problems when heat rises from the tracks. “I myself crossed those tracks and I looked up and seen a train coming less than 100 yards away,” he says.

Golden will have to wait longer for his washer and dryer. However, what concerns him the most is the safety of his next delivery driver.

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