Time running out for lawmakers to agree on state budget

It's the last day of this year's General Assembly, and there lies the hope that lawmakers may be able to pass a bare bones budget.

Legislators came up with a plan to basically continue funding state government, through next year's session.

Legislators worked until 11:30 Wednesday night, and the latest proposal is a spending plan that would basically get the state through April of next year.

That means lawmakers would have to start over with another spending plan to get through the remainder of the 2011 and 2012 fiscal years.

The new plan would give the governor the power to fund state government.

It does not include borrowing $1 billion for construction projects that the House Democrats wanted, that they say would lead to thousands of jobs.

Governor Steve Beshear says he's frustrated with lawmakers.

"Quite honestly, I could go out on the street and get about 10 people, and bring them in here and we could solve this issue in about 15 minutes," Governor Beshear said.

So far, Governor Beshear has signed 150 bills into law this year.

He'll sign a law to ban texting while driving Thursday afternoon.

Governor Beshear says he's not seen the latest proposal on the continuation budget, and says he does not know if he will veto it or not.

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