Children learn about organ donation

Today's program at Peak's Mill Elementary in Frankfort featured a different kind of learning for these children.

The "Life is Cool" program teaches children how to make healthy decisions in their own lives, so they may someday help others.

"When they're older in life, when it comes to make a decision about being an organ donor and knowing that gift is something they are capable of doing because they've taken good care of themselves," said Charlotte Wong of the KY Organ Donor Affiliates.

Today's program is important not only for the children who are learning about keeping their bodies healthy but also for the families who have been affected by organ donation. Two of which are right here at the school.

"My mother passed away while she was waiting for a heart transplant, so of course when my father died a few years later his wishes were to donate and we were thankful they were able to use three of his organs," said Kristi Wilkerson who teaches at the school.

When Wilkerson's father, Ben Hicks died three years ago, one of her first thoughts was of a fellow teacher, who's husband was dying of kidney failure. The two men were a match and even though her father is gone, a part of him still lives on.

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