Community put on high alert following inmate escape

The Woodford County School District has cancelled bus service at all its schools Thursday afternoon.

It's because of the escape of federal inmate Derek Capozzi, who hasn't been since since he jumped out of a van transporting him.

Capozzi was last seen near Woodford Middle School Thursday morning. He's considered extremely dangerous.

Only parents, or a person on an approved check out list, could pick up students at the schools.

As soon as Woodford County Superintendent Scott Hawkins learned a federal fugitive was on the loose, he wanted to let parents know. So he sent out an automated message to the district.

Many parents told 27 NEWSFIRST they saw good reason for the lock down, and they appreciate the efforts the school district made.

No one was allowed in and out of the schools without an ID check first.

Inside the schools, the superintendent said the students were simply told there was a security risk.

"We tried to make the day as normal as possible," Hawkins said.

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