Legislators adjourn without budget

Just after 3 Thursday afternoon, Senate President David Williams indicated that his chamber would not consider any more legislation…including a state budget.

Because of the deadlock on a 2 year spending plan House Democrats Thursday agreed on a one year budget extension.

“I think the continuation budget is a good way to make sure operations of state government don’t shut down,” said Rep. Greg Stumbo, D-Kentucky House Speaker.

“This document that they refer to as a continuation budget would bankrupt Kentucky. It is a 9 month of a 12 month budget extending expenditures that the state cannot afford,” countered Senate President David Williams, R-Burkesville.

And the Governor says he prefers a 2 year spending plan, saying both sides were about 90 percent done with that document, and expressed disgust no final agreement was found.

“Quite honestly I could go out on the street right now and get any 10 citizens, bring them in here and we could resolve this in about 15 minutes,” said Gov. Steve Beshear of the impasse.

Both sides are blaming the other on the stalemate.

“Well it’s obvious they don’t want a budget. It’s very obvious they don’t want to keep government running. The don’t want a budget,” said Rep. Larry Clark, D-Louisville of the Senate not accepting the latest offer.

“It’s an insult,” Williams said of the continuation budget. “It made no cuts whatsoever in any program. None. And they want o continue a level of spending that is not sustainable,” said Williams.

Without a budget, a special session seems very likely…and Governor Beshear believes June first is the drop dead date for a document to be submitted..meaning he could call lawmakers back sometime in May.

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