Athlete expected to never walk again signs on to play college football

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He was expected to never walk again after a shooting accident on a hunting trip, but that didn't stop a Kentucky high school student from overcoming that obstacle and signing a letter of intent to play football in college.

With family, friends, and coaches gathered around, South Laurel High School football star J.D. Wright signed a letter of intent to be a wide receiver at Union College.

But rewind three years ago to November 15th, 2007 and it's amazing this day has come.

J.D. Wright was deer hunting with his dad and placed his gun under the seat in their truck.

"It got hung on the seat track underneath and the seat brackets", says J.D. Wright.

"It went off and struck him in both legs", says John Wright, J.D.'s father.

"I went numb and couldn't feel anything", says J.D. Wright.

"We both just went deaf instantly. I could see him moving his mouth but couldn't hear him", says John Wright.

The athlete was rushed to UK Hospital with one request.

"I just told the paramedics 'do what you have to do but let me play football', says J.D. Wright.

However, that was doubtful.

"They said they didn't know if I could even save my leg or if I could walk again and there was a possibility I'd be in a wheelchair the rest of my life", says J.D. Wright.

"My main worry was him. His health and well-being", says John Wright.

However, J.D. Wright would walk again and even run, working through the injury to continue playing football.

"It's hard to talk about sometimes. I'm so proud of him", says John Wright.

Now signing on to play for Union College as a wide receiver and thankful that he was given that extra chance to walk and play the sport he loves.

"I'm really blessed to have the ability to play and have the chance to", says J.D. Wright.

J.D. Wright says he plans to study criminal justice and either psychology or biology at Union College.

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