Police make more arrests connected to the "pill pipeline"

Southern Kentucky officials continue their fight against the so called "pill pipeline."

Williamsburg Police say they received word Thursday that some people were inside a business off I-75 exit 11, reportedly under the influence.

Police say the suspects then left on I-75 to come to Lexington. Police say they then made a traffic stop.

Authorities determined the suspects had been to a Florida pain clinic, and brought more than 900 pills back, with an estimated worth of $20,000.

Police arrested Tanya Edwards, Mary Burton, Evelyn Creech, Tina Henson, Terry Burton, Virgil Creech, and Daniel Comley.

Comley, who police say was driving, is charged with DUI and trafficking a controlled substance. The others are charged with public intoxication.

Police say Comley sponsored the trip to Florida, in exchange for half of the narcotics each person got at the pain clinics.

Police think the pills were being brought back to Kentucky to be sold on the street.

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