Laura Bush pays visit to school

Holly Kessler was among a handful of students who got an up close visit with the former First Lady.

“It was an amazing experience,” said the 4th grader.

She and other students met with Laura Bush moments before she addressed hundreds in the school’s auditorium.

Her Somerset visit was to kick off the first Correll Leadership Conference, designed to raise money for the Christian school.

“So I know you’re proud of these students….and they should be proud of you. For giving a really wonderful opportunity for an education,” Mrs. Bush told the audience of several hundred in the school’s auditorium Friday morning.

Her speech centered on her 8 years in the White House..and the recent return to a more "normal" life in Texas.

“When you’re married to the President of the United States, you don’t worry about him leaving wet towels on the floor, but in Dallas, things are different,” she said.

She says she and George W. are working on the new Prsesidential library…and their memoirs.

“Mine will be called, a former shy librarian tells all..not really,” she joked.

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