Warning issued about escapee

As the search for escaped federal inmate Derek Capozzi continues, the stepmother of a teenager who's death he had a role in, is speaking out.

"I feel bad for anyone in that area. He is an extremely dangerous person," said Cynthia Silva.

19-year-old Aislin Silva was murdered in 1996, in the Boston area, after gang members she knew thought she might tell police about their wrongdoings.

Derek Capozzi didn't kill Silva but was put in charge of getting rid of her body.

"He decided to cut her up and they took her out in different gym bags from the house," said Silva.

It took eight years to bring him to trial, and another two years for authorities to find her remains.

Cynthia Silva says the news of Capozzi's escape is especially hard to hear as her stepdaughter's birthday is Saturday.

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