911 Call gives bizarre account of Knox County murder

BARBOURVILLE, Ky (WKYT) - A mystery remains of why a 75 year old man was murdered, police say, at the hands of his caregiver.

"None of this makes sense to me," said Gary Craig, the victim's step-son.

Yet, early Tuesday morning, just after midnight, police say the caregiver, Charlene Sue King, called 911 after they say she shot and killed Earl Carter. It happened at Carter's home in J Goodin Branch Road, about 4 miles outside of Barbourville.

Caller: "He was following me and he wouldn't let me leave and I shot him," the woman is heard saying in the call to the Knox County 911 Center.
Dispatcher:"Is he alive?"
Caller: "I don't know...I didn't go back out there."

The victim's step-son says he's not sure about the level of caregiving, but he says Carter and King did have some kind of close, personal relationship.

"That's probably the most shocking thing of all, that it is somebody I never thought would do this," Craig said.

Police say the motive remains under investigation, yet the 911 call placed by King explains some of what could be her defense.

Dispatcher: "Why did you shoot him?
Caller: "Because he was trying to bother me.
Dispatcher: "He was trying to bother you?"
Caller: "Yes"
Dispatcher: "What was he doing to you?"
Caller: "He was trying to rape me."
Dispatcher: "Trying to rape you?"
Caller: "He was trying to take advantage of me. "

Craig says the two seemed to have a good relationship.

"Yes she always seemed nice and normal to me," he said.

Craig says his stepfather lived alone after his mother died, and he says Carter and King had been close for several years.

"It is still hard to believe. He was a church going man. Had a lot of friends in Barbourville. I don't know of any reason why anyone would want to do that to him," Craig said.

King remains in jail on a half million dollar bond, her court date is yet to be set.

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