911 and dispatch tapes reveal dramatic shooting scene in Knox County

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KNOX COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Newly released 911 calls and dispatch tapes are giving us more details about a shooting that injured a sheriff's deputy and left another man dead in Knox County.

Officials say Knox County Deputy Brian Hensley was shot after responding to a complaint at a home overnight Monday. 911 tapes reveal Hibbard's emotional state, just having lost her mother and now dealing with her boyfriend locking her out of her house. We are told he returned fire, killing Jeffrey Frump, the man police say shot Deputy Hensley.

On tape, you can hear three gunshots ring out just as the call is being picked up. And you hear Frump's girlfriend, Hazel Hibbard, say, "He's still shooting."

Those shots are from the firing exchange between Deputy Hensley and Frump. A domestic violence call lead authorities to the Hibbard and Frump's home. But the situation took a dramatic turn when officials say Frump fired shots at Deputy Hensley and he returned fire, killing Frump.

On another 911 call from Hibbard, you hear her say, "We need 911. Hurry!" And a dispatcher replies, "What's going on?"

The 911 call isn't audible for a few seconds while Hibbard frantically explains the scene from her neighbor's house. That's because she was on her cordless landline phone.

"Your phone is cutting in and out," said a dispatcher.
"Okay. He shot one of your cops. And your cop is laying in our front yard. And he told me to dial 911," replied Hibbard to the dispatcher.

That call then ends, and the next is a call into dispatch from the injured deputy, pleading for back-up and medical treatment.

"Shot in the leg. I need EMS fast," said Deputy Hensley in the tape.
"Do you 10-4?" asked the dispatcher.
"Shot in the leg. I've been shot in the leg," said Deputy Hensley.
"10-4. We're on the way," replied the dispatcher.
"Shots have been fired. I believe I got a subject down. Subject is down," said Deputy Hensley.

All the while, Hibbard was watching and listening next door. On Tuesday after the incident, she talked with us on camera and apologized for the situation, still in shock that her boyfriend was dead.

"I feel sorry for the cop that got shot. I do. I apologize, but I had to have somebody here to help me," said Hibbard.

Deputy Hensley is out of the hospital, but doctors haven't cleared him to return to work. We're told he will be on administrative leave for two weeks.

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