911 call for child injured by falling tree released

WILLIAMSBURG, Ky. (WKYT) - A 12-year-old continues to recover at UK Hospital after a tree fell on him last weekend. Jordan Griffith has been in critical condition since Saturday evening.

It was just before seven o'clock when heavy storms were moving through Whitley County. Friends say Griffith's grandmother had asked him to come inside but before he made it across the back yard a tree in a neighboring yard was blown over, landing on his head and chest. His mother, who was in Laurel County, can be heard calling 911 in a recording released on Wednesday.

"I am in Laurel County, my mother is in Whitley County," Jennifer Meredith told dispatchers. "A tree just fell on my son, can you please send somebody!"

"Is he in the yard?" the dispatcher asked.

"I don't know, sir, I'm at a ball game and my mom just called me," Meredith replied.

Jordan's grandmother had witnessed the accident and called his mother.

"She's got a house full of little kids and she's screaming," Meredith told the dispatcher.

Jordan was taken by ambulance to UK Hospital. Friends say he fractured several vertebrae and had to have surgery to remove a piece of his skull. His mother says his biggest obstacle now is a case of pneumonia that's taking a toll on his lungs.

EMS workers say they had to drive Jordan to Lexington by ambulance because the storms that night prevented the medical helicopter from flying.