Deputies go door-to-door for clues in Clay Co. hunter shooting

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CLAY COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Investigators in Clay County went door-to-door Friday in the rural area where two hunters were shot by an unknown person. One of the hunters was killed.

Despite the hours they spent in searching the wooded area Thursday, investigators continued the search for clues.

"We honestly believe that this individual was shooting at what he believed was a turkey, obviously wasn't the case," said Clay County Sheriff Kevin Johnson. "This has been a tragic event, and we believe the individual would step forward and tell us their side of the story if all the rumors would get out of the way."

Brian Griffin, 28, died from his injuries after being shot. Jason Roberts, 21, was also injured and is now at UK Hospital where information about his condition has not been released.

"I knew him (Griffin). He was personal friends with a lot of the law enforcement community here. It's just a tragic loss," Sheriff Johnson said.

Police say 21-year-old Chad Bullock was hunting with Griffin and Roberts. He was not injured and was able to call for 911 for help.

Bullock: "We were up here turkey hunting and somebody shot and hit my two buddies."
Dispatch: "Okay. So, two of them have been shot?"
Bullock: "Yeah."
Dispatch: "Two people have been shot?"
Bullock: "Yeah. Hurry ma'am. They’re in bad pain."

The shooting happened in a rural area along Highway 638 in Clay County. Authorities searched that area for much of the day on Thursday.

Authorities believe another hunter was in the same area when this happened and fired in the direction of these three hunters.

Sheriff Johnson says the person responsible will likely face charges.

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