911 call released in bank robbery

“We’ve just been robbed at gunpoint.”

That’s what the loan officer at United Citizens Bank is heard telling an Adair County 911 dispatcher Monday afternoon.

The loan officer called 911 after the bank robber let him go.

“He’s going back and turning left on 551…in a 1998 Ford Ranger,” the victim tells the dispatcher seconds after the kidnapper/bank robber released him.

A few moments before police say the man walked into the bank and asked the teller to let him speak to the loan officer with full intent of then demanding cash from him. Police say the man was inside the bank for 14 minutes..all the while the loan officer and the woman who retrieved the money tried to change the man’s course of action…even going as far as praying with the man.

“I tried my best. He came to my office, pulled the gun out, tried my best to talk him out him out it,” the caller is heard telling the 911 dispatcher in the recordings retrieved Tuesday by 27 NEWFIRST.

After forcing the loan officer to drive him away in his truck, police say the robber let the loan officer go at Pablo’s Mexican Restaurant. He would keepthe loan officer's truck for a little while longer but eventually he abandoned that truck for his own vehicle. But his direction of travel or his whereabouts are unknown.

Police say the man did share a little about his motive for the crime.

“Just that he was having a hard time with his family, his family needed the money, that’s why he was having to do what he needed to do,” said Columbia Police Chief Jason Cross.

A desperate situation resulting in desperate measures but one that likely the victims won’t soon forget.

“Like I said…he’s got my……he’s armed and very dangerous,” the loan officer tells the dispatcher.

Police say all they know about the man is that he’s about 5-10, 200 pounds, about 60 years old and they have reason to believe he’s not from the Columbia area. If you have any information about the crime, contact your local police.

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