911 calls detail dramatic account of London stabbing

LONDON, Ky. (WKYT) - A Facebook posting shows that Pamela Bobbitt, listed by her maiden name of Honeycutt, was engaged to Sean Messer, but Monday night something apparently went horribly wrong in their relationship.

“Dispatcher: “Laurel Dispatch.”
Caller: “Hey…there’s a stabbing up there at Plantation Apartments. Right now!”

That's what the caller is heard telling the 911 Dispatch Center in London, about 11:00 o'clock Monday night.

A neighbor called for help after saying he saw Bobbitt become the victim of multiple stab wounds. Police say Messer murdered her, and family members say it’s because she wanted to leave him.

Caller: “I watched it. I’m a witness to it. I seen him do it.”
Dispatcher: “You need to stay there, until the police….”
Caller: “I’m standing right here. I’ll be right on the sidewalk.”
Dispatcher: “ Is he still in the apartment with her?”
Caller: “Yes, he’s in the apartment, yes sir. He sure is.”

Sean Messer made his first appearance before a judge Wednesday, pleading not guilty to murder.

He said very little else in the arraignment, where the judge also decided to keep his bond at $250,000.

The 911 center received several calls in relation to the violence, but in the second one, the caller references seeing Messer coming up close to where he was…as he trying to give directions to the incident.

Dispatcher: "Can you tell me where 26 is?"
Caller:" Huh? "
Dispatcher: "Is it in the back?"
Caller: " Yes, 26"…..(screaming) …."right here!" (more yelling)." I’ve got him right here! He’s right back here!”

Messer is due back in court next Tuesday, as Bobbitt’s family prepares for her funeral services, scheduled for 2pm Sunday at Barbourville Funeral Home.

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