911 calls gives dramatic cries for help in Knox floods

KNOX CO, Ky. (WKYT) - At first many in Stinking Creek only thought the high water threatened a few homes.

“I don’t know if a pond has broke, if a pond hasn’t broken, they’ll be homes washed away,” a caller is heard telling a dispatcher.

Then dispatchers soon learned the situation was much worse.

“He’s stranded inside the truck? “ asks the dispatcher.

“Yeah, he was inside the truck now he’s climbed out the windows, he’s climbed out of the truck now,” the caller is heard telling him.

Floodwaters covered numerous sections of Kentucky 223…the main pathway to get to the victims.

“They’re on their way now, OK?” the dispatcher says.
“They’ve been stuck behind water. The fire department has, ok, they just went through water on their way now,” he says.

Some tried to help themselves.

“And the man that went out in the water and he just went past the truck,” the caller says.

He found refuge on a tree branch. Even a dog jumped in.

“And there goes my dog! My German Shepherd is trying to go to them,” he says.

The teenagers eventually climbed into a tree. Even that wasn’t enough.

“The kids are barely hanging on to the tree!”

The good news, everyone was rescued and no one got hurt.

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