911 recording captures driver's anxiety after car plunges into pond

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LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - It's a scary scenario that became one driver's very scary reality, she was heard on the Laurel County 911 recording telling the dispatcher these chilling words, "Yeah, I've had a wreck. I'm in London, Kentucky off Corn Cemetery Road. I'm in the middle of a pond."

The caller is Tina Nichols, who was driving with her 19-year-old son, Derek, and another man, 38-year-old Kevin Hampton.

They were out driving around Laurel County Sunday afternoon when the drive went wrong. The recording between the 911 dispatcher and Nichols went on, and you could hear the anxiety in Nichol's voice.

The dispatcher began asking questions, when Nichols gave this update, "Yeah, but it's (the car) filling up with water, sir!"

The dispatcher responded, "Where are you at on Corn Cemetery?"

Nichols answered, "It's next to where it forks at the end where you meet the 363."

Nichols told Laurel County Deputies that she swerved to miss a deer standing on the wet road, and that's when she lost control of the car sending it through a fence and plunging into the pond with only moments to safely get away.

When rescuers got to the scene the car was submerged but fortunately all three people escaped without any serious injures, but they do have one scary tale.

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